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Friday, August 6, 2010

Erik's Guest Recipe: Pasta Salad Noodles with Red Sauce and Meat

When we were at the grocery store, Erik asked if he could pick out stuff for dinner so I said sure. He also claimed to have a recipe. I told him that I would post it on the blog for him, too. So, here you go. Don't expect anything too complicated - he is only six after all. I have tried to keep the recipe as it was told to me unless I felt the need to alter it for clarification.

Pasta Salad Noodles with Red Sauce and Meat

One box of tri-color rigatoni noodles (The tri-color aspect is very important! Monochromatic noodles would not be pasta salad noodles!)

One jar traditional tomato pasta sauce (Think Ragu)

A container of meat (In this case, a pound of lean ground beef)

Some seasonings and spices (salt, pepper and Italian Seasoning)

* Put the meat and seasonings in a pan. When the meat turns brown, pour in the sauce and mix it up really good.

*Boil some water in a big pot. When it starts boiling like crazy, dump in the box of noodles. Not the whole box, just the noodle part. When the noodles are cooked, dump them out into the draining thing (colander).

*Put some noodles in a bowl, then some sauce and meat on top and then some Parmesan cheese. And then you eat it!

Well, kiddo did hit on the mark with this one. Simple dish for me to prepare under his guidance and he ate it!

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  1. That boy has a great career ahead of him as a chef!