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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tricia's Week 18 recipe: Hummus!

An exclaimation mark is needed on Hummus!   I have been considering making my own hummus for ages now. I went to the store to buy Tahini, but couldn't find it, then forgot, so I made this recipe up after looking at 5 different recipes for hummus all over the place.  I'll likely try adding tahini when I find some.

1 can chickpeas, researve at least 1/2 of the liquid 
a few shakes sesame seeds
a few shakes Essence (1-2 tsp likely) see way back to stroganof recipe for Essence recipe
a few turns of the salt and pepper grinders
3 T lemon juice
2 T chili olive oil

Unfortunately for me, when I made this recipe I didn't measure what i was doing, I went by feel.  So the above is as close as I can come to accurate.  I put the top 5 ingredients in a flat bottomed bowl and blended them until smooth smooth smooth.  Then I added the 2 T oil and continued to blend (with my immersion blender).  You could also put them in the regular blender.  Add oil last.

Would I make this again?  Heck Yes!  Delish!! Pleasantly spicy with the Essence and the chili olive oil, the sesame flavor from the seeds I added is nice, but some good tahini would really add to the recipe, I think.  I will post an update next time I make it to tell how it is w/ tahini.  I think I'll try a black bean variation next.

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