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Monday, October 4, 2010

Tricia's Bonus Week 39 Recipe: Off the Cuff Chocolate Frosting

This recipe is off the cuff for a reason.  I had just failed miserably at the one recipe every mom knows how to make, and make deliciously.  Even non-moms have accomplished rice krispie treats with aplomb.  I decided "following a recipe didn't work, I'm going to make up frosting.  So there." in a desperate attempt to regain control of my kitchen.  It was, after all, rather messy again with all the bowls from Week 39's failed Treats. So, the following wasn't measured.  Not at all.  I will attempt, in parenthasis, to ascertain what I might have used.

Chocolate Frosting:
Take out small pyrex bowl.
 Fill bottom with about 1/2 inch level of dark corn syrup (maybe 4 Tbs)
Shake in some dark cocoa powder (maybe 1 - 2 Tbs)
Add 1/3 ish stick butter (likely 1/3 ish, cut into small pieces)

Melt the above in microwave for a minute or two.

Add 1/2 bag of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and whisk til completely melted and smooth.  Pour ontop of whatever you are frosting.

I think I should have measured, if only so I could repeat - this is a very dark, but very delicious frosting.  Not only that, but I felt a bit better after proving I could still handle a whisk.  AND, though VERY chewy, the treats were inedible.  So, lesson learned, call MOM before making treats, and start simple.  And always eat chocolate to feel better.

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