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Monday, October 4, 2010

Tricia's Bonus Week 38 Recipe: BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

I really wanted coleslaw - funny craving to have, but there you have I made my week 38 recipe.  Then I needed something to go with it.  I decided pulled pork would be delicious...but had no pork cooked.  Cooking chicken breasts is faster than cooking up a pork loin to pull, so I went to the store and picked up two chicken breasts (just under 1 lb) when I purchased the coleslaw fixins.  

BBQ Pulled Chicken:
Cook 2 chicken breasts in boiling water.  Let cool.  Pull into pieces, but not too small of pieces.  Put this in sauce pan with enough BBQ sauce to cover and make a slight 'gravy' with the meat.  I used 1/2 bottle of Jim Beam BBQ sauce I had left, plus some Spicy Sweet Baby Rays.  let this simmer while you prepare the coleslaw (or rest of your meal).  

I served my BBQ chicken on toast, making my sandwich in this order:  Slice toast, little extra bbq sauce, banana peppers, bbq pulled chicken, cut up dill pickles, slice toast.  I have to admit, this sandwich was DELICIOUS this way!

I love this quick and easy recipe, and will definitely be making it again.  The hot peppers and pickles added just the right amount of tang and zip.  Or maybe it was just a night for weird cravings.  

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