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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tricia's Week 4 Recipe - Pomegranate Sorbet

"What?!", you exclaim, "You're cheating!  You said no desserts!"  You would be right, though I did leave myself an opening in the rules.  Because one of my New Year's resolutions is to "make and eat more ice cream" (which I'm including sherbert and sorbet in), I'm calling an audible and making a sorbet for my week 4 recipe.

Pomegranate Sorbet From: Aliza Green's Starting with Ingredients
I've made ice cream in the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker I received from my parents for my birthday (Thanks thanks thanks!) but I've never tried a sorbet...(nor have I tried a 'cooked' with egg ice cream, but that is a recipe for another week).  This is my first shot. 

2 cups orange juice - freshly squeezed (I used Simply Orange)
4 cups pomegranate seeds or 3 cups juice (I used 3 cups POM juice, because I don't have any cheese cloth to strain out the seeds if I used them)
2 cups granulated sugar

Mix together.  Freeze.  Temper 30 minutes in fridge before serving.
(If using seeds, you are to blend w/ juice in blender, then pour juice through something like cheese cloth to keep all crunchy seedy bits out of iced cream)

Seriously!  That is what the directions essentially say.  Now, I mixed the sugar and orange juice first, and added the pomegranate juice one cup at a time.  This is because I tend to make a mess in the kitchen if it involves red things.  Then I put together my ice cream maker and, turning it on, added the mixture.   I mixed for the 20 minutes I had mixed the cream/milk/sugar/flavor ice cream I've made....still not very frozen.  I added ten minutes.  Still not very frozen, but there ARE 2 cups sugar in there...After that I decided to pour into freezeable containers and freeze.  The results that I licked up were very good...still have to 'eat' my sorbet per my resolution...and after that I'll know if I'll reduce the sugar for next time.

Would I make again...well, the resolution is for all kinds of ice cream, so I want to try many kinds, but yes I think I will make this again, eventually :P  I may even try to make with seeds if I ever get to a cooking store to buy cheese cloths.

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  1. Good plan using the POM juice. While tasty, pomegranate seeds are kind of a pain and they stain things easily.