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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Tale of Two Pie Crusts

I had Mom & Dad over today for quiche and, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to get the Pillsbury pie crust out of the freezer last night. I tried to thaw one, but just didn't have enough time.

So I had to make a pie crust. From scratch.

Oh, but it's been a long time since I've made pie crust and an even a longer time since I've made shortening crust. I bet I was still living with my parents. What other way is there to make pie crusts? You can make an oil crust, but that has to sit in the freezer to think about itself before you roll it out, and I didn't have the time.

I also didn't have enough vegetable shortening. Fortunately, there's always butter. Other than the usual problem of having trouble getting the darn thing up off the counter when I rolled it out (am I just not using enough flour?), the crust turned out very, very well.

Gentle readers, how do you keep your pie crusts from sticking to the counter?


  1. I've rolled mine on wax paper, or even between 2 sheets of wax paper - a trick my grandmother taught me. Then it's easy up and you just flip it over into the pie shell. Peel the wax paper off and presto! If you use the between sheets version, just peel the top one off before you pick it up.

  2. What Karin said. Also a Grandmother Trick. Those little, older ladies know what they are doing! (My grandmother uses the 2 wax paper sheets method)

  3. I'm saved! Thanks, Miss Karin! Thanks, Jenni!