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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tricia's Week 26 Recipe: Spicey Chicken Tortellini Parmesan

I like Chicken Parmesan when I go to restaurants.  So I decided to make it at home, with a few twists.  Twist one - I had tortellini I needed to use.  Twist two, I like a lot of spice in my food.  So, this recipe was born.

Two chicken breasts - pounded flat (this part was fun!)
One package each (or a combo pack) spinich and regular cheese tortellinis (any brand will do)
One bottle marinara sauce (because I was lazy and didn't want to make my own) - I used bertolli
Penzey's Spices:  Northwoods Fire, Granulated Garlic, Red Chili Flakes (as you would put on pizza), Italian Seasoning, Pasta Sprinkle
Franks Hot Sauce
Parmesan cheese

Pound chicken breasts flat, and place in pan with olive oil to cook through (I used Chili Olive Oil).  Coat one side with Northwoods Fire, and when you flip, the other with Garlic.  Use as much or as little seasoning as suits your spiceyness needs.
Place marinara sauce in a saucepan and add about 1 tablespoon hot sauce, a few shakes chili flakes, and about 2 tsp italian seasoning and one teaspoon pasta sprinkle.  Let simmer while chicken and noodles are cooking.
Cook tortellini according to directions, drain.
Place in a bowl or plate w/ edges your tortellini, top with a chicken breast, top this with marinara and finally add Parmesan cheese. 

I would definitely make this again!  I would even try it with spaghetti or fettuccine noodles.  I made more tortellini than I needed, and more marinara, so I had lovely leftovers for lunch for two more. days!

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