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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tricia's Week Eleven Recipe: White Chicken Chili

I almost feel guilty posting this recipe as a new recipe.  Not that it's not new, it is!  But, it's so deceptively simple!  Props to my mom for this recipe, as it's really hers, and I've eaten it at her house, but I've made some adjustments.

Original Recipe:
2-3 chicken breasts
1 jar great northern beans (this equals two cans)
1 lb jalepeno jack cheese, cubed
1 jar salsa

Put into crockpot on low.  When asked, mom says, keep the liquid in the beans.

Tricia's Version - doubled above w/ adjustments
Breasts of two rotisserie chickens (reserve rest of chickens for another use)
3 cans great northern beans, liquid included
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed (mostly because the juice is black)
2 lbs jalepeno jack cheese, cubed
1 jar Pace brand chuncky salsa, medium
1 empty Pace jar filled w/ homemade salsa (mostly so I didn't add too much)

Place all this in the crock pot on low.  Stir occassionally so the melting cheese cubes are distributed evenly.  In case you are wondering I grabbed one rosemary garlic and one original rotisserie chicken.  Why rotisserie chickens?  Because I'm lazy and didn't feel like seasoning and baking 4-5 chicken breasts.  An added bonus is that I pulled the rest of the chickens (wings, thighs and legs) and will use this meat in a week 12 recipe, thus saving even MORE time!

Would I make this again?  Most definately!  I might not double it, if it's just Trev and I, but I made this for a work function so had to have the double batch.  I'd also likely use hotter salsa, or all home made salsa and add a green pepper and a jalepeno pepper to make it a trifle spicer if it were just us, we we love the hot foods!  I like the addition of the black beans both athetically and because I love love black beans!

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